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Linux cwdaemon for Winkeyer (winkeydaemon)
Here is a note authored by Rein, PA0R

I have a working daemon which will operate the K1EL winkey keyer under Linux. It listens to a udp port and converts the cwdaemon commands to the format winkey needs, and sends it to the serial port the winkey unit is connected to. After starting it goes into the background...

I have tested it with tlf as well as xtlf under UBUNTU, and it is a great solution if you have problems with the keying of the cwdaemon or fldigi... It will also work for Xlog, qle, YFKTEST, and DBlog

Version 1.0 implements the main functions:
* cw generation
* PTT lead in
* speed control
* weight control
* tune
* abort message
* a 'keyer_busy' mutex in ~/.winkey

winkeydaemon.pl [options...]

-n run in foreground for debugging
-p udp port
-d serial device
-s starting speed in wpm

One advantage is that you have a full-blown hardware keyer which is fully integrated with your contest logger... good for rigs that lack an internal keyer.

Next version will send the functions which are not supported (antenna switching, rig A/B switching etc.) through to the cwdaemon socket for handling...

The current repository for winkeydaemon is:

You will probably also need to get Device::SerialPort from CPAN.

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