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Determining which Windows comport WKUSB is connected to
has always been a challenge when installing one of our WinKeyer keyers. We have released an MS Windows application that will take all the guess work out of a WK install. No need to open device manager or use WKdemo to find out what port your WKUSB is on or which WK IC it uses. Simply start Com Port Scanner, click scan, and in a few seconds all active com ports (including USB com ports) will displayed. If a WinKeyer is found it will be noted along with the WK type. This works with all WK versions that have a genuine K1EL WinKeyer IC; WK1serial, WK2serial, WKlite, WKUSB, WKmini, and WKUSB-SMT.

We are receiving lots of complaints that WKscan will not install or is flagged as having a virus. Virus scanners are very aggressive now in making a decision if an app is malware. Even though WKscan is virus free it is often flagged. In the past I submitted my apps to the scanner companies who would then take a clser look and determine my apps were ok. That was then, now these guys are releasing weekly updates and there are at least a dozen of them. Every release they make I have to resubmit. It is a full time job to keep up. For freeware it reaches a point where I give up and that is where I am now. My last hope is to provide a version of WKscan that does not have an installer, you just copy it into a directory and run it from there. So here is that version:


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WKscan 2.0

WKscan 2.0 - WKUSB Com Port Scanner App

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WKscan 2.0
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