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WKremote is an MS Windows application that allows you to link two K1EL WinKeyers over a network connection. As illustrated in the diagram, two WinKeyers are recommended as well as two PCs. One set resides at the local end while the other set resides at a remote location. The local WinKeyer is not a requirement if you don't need to access a speed pot or a set of CW paddles. The WKremote app runs at both ends and the GUI on the local end controls the WinKeyer on the remote end. The operator can set parameters, send messages, and even use paddles to send CW remotely.

WKremote Features

WKremote Application
WKremote 1.4
Windows App

Download Setup Document

Read WA6HZT's Article about Winkey Remote Operation
WKremote 1.5
Windows App (beta)

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K1EL has authored WKUSB applications specifically for customers of our products and does not charge for them. If you have purchased Winkeyer compatible products from someone else, please be considerate and support K1EL.

K1EL Software Fee $5.00 (You will be billed $.75 + $4.25 shipping = $5.00; PayPal won't let us bill without a shipping charge)

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