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We have shipped over 5000 Winkeyer1 and Winkeyer2 ICs and this is the last WK2 release, version 2.3. We listened to feedback, improved existing functionality, and added lots of new features and capabilities. Like WK 2.2, WK 2.3 is in a 14 pin DIP package which allows a dedicated sidetone pin, two key outputs, and two PTT outputs. Standalone mode in WK 2.3 really sings with stackable messages, letterspace adjustment, new embedded commands, and improved battery life. WK 2.3 now has instant break-in which stops a message immediately if you press the paddles. We also took the lag out of the speed pot and improved PTT operation. Through the use of a dual press message button scheme you can easily access all six message slots and tune from four pushbuttons. A brief list of features is listed on the left, for full information download the WK 2.3 manual. We have moved on to the WK3 version but still have these available if you need one.

WinKeyer 2 Features

WinKeyer 2.3 - Second Generation CW Processor
$9.75 USD
Special Order
Standard 14 pin PDIP
We recommend using WK3

WinKeyer 2.3 Documentation
Winkeyer 2.3 Datasheet
Winkeyer 2.3 Change List
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