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The Hamcrafters VLF Converter is based on the original Palomar design and converts 10 KHz - 500 KHz to 4.010 to 4.5 MHz. This allows use of your HF Receiver or Transceiver and all its filters, noise blankers, DSP, and memories while tuning the VLF band. Modern HF radios have poor sensitivity in the VLF range (by design). Using this converter with a simple wire antenna will allow reception of navigational beacons, time, and other VLF signals.

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K1EL Systems VLF Converter
As much as I would like to complete and sell this item, our finances just won't allow it. 2019 has been a very challenging year and we have to refocus on products that will sell well. I'm not convinced that we could sell more than a few dozen of these which won't even pay for the PCB or enclosure tooling. So I am pulling the plug on this project.

- Steve K1EL, November 2019

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