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Here's a fun, easy kit that most anyone can build at minimal cost. It takes about 1/2 hour to build and gives you a powerful keyer that you can use to practice Morse code without having to buy an expensive paddle set. A touch paddle is built into the PC board and it's coupled to an on-board keyer chip utilizing our powerful K16 keyer core. It is more than a toy though, you can add a speed pot and four pushbuttons to add even more power.

Each kit comes with all board parts and also includes right angle mounting brackets. Some folks just mount PaddleStick to a board with a single pushbutton switch, others have incorporated it inside their homebrew radio, while others have created a customized enclosure. The design includes an on board voltage regulator so you can power it from any 6 to 15 volt power source, a 9 volt battery works perfectly. Included is an on board sidetone speaker so you can hear what you are sending with an adjustable sidetone frequency. An on board output driver allows you to key your transceiver directly with just a keying cable. The K16 keyer IC can be bypassed if you want to use your PaddleStick just as a touch paddle.

PaddleStick1 Features
PaddleStick1 Keyer Board Kit
PaddleStick1 Kit $25

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PaddleStick Rev B Documentation
PaddleStick User Manual rev B

PaddleStick Rev A Documentation (retired)
PaddleStick User Manual rev A.1


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