Formatted Message Example:

Default WPM:10
Message1: <Set .4>EL<Pause 30 Sec><Reset Speed>K1EL<Pause 30 Sec>
Message2: <Set .2>EL<Pause 60 Sec><Reset Speed>K1EL<Pause 60 Sec>
Message3: <Set .04>EL<Pause 300 sec><Reset Speed>DL6NL<Pause 300 Sec> 
Message4: K1EL<Pause 12 Sec><Set .4>E<Reset Speed><Pause 12 Sec>
Message5: K1EL<Pause 24 Sec><Set .2>E<Reset Speed><Pause 24 Sec>
Message6: K1EL<Pause 120 Sec><Set .04>E<Reset Speed><Pause 120 sec>
Message7: K1EL BEACON - BEDFORD, NH FN43 <Keydown 60 Sec><Pause 3 Sec> 


The default WPM is the K-ID2 Morse sending rate when QRSS is not specified.

Message1: Transmit two letters "EL" at QRSS3, pause for 30 seconds, reset speed to default CW, transmit my call "K1EL" and pause for 30 seconds.

Message2 and 3 are more or less the same, with different QRSS Speed and pause length.

Message4: Transmit "K1EL" at default CW speed, pause for 12sec, transmit the single letter "E" at QRSS3, reset speed to default CW speed, pause for 12 seconds.

Message5 and 6 are similar but have different QRSS Speed and pause length.

Message7: Transmit "K1EL BEACON - BEDFORD, NH FN43" at default CW speed, pause for 3 seconds, keydown for 60 seconds and pause for 3 seconds.

Parameter Definitions:

K-ID2 Message Formatting Example
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