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The ATKBD3 provides an easy means to use a standard IBM PC-AT keyboard with small embedded microprocessors. The PC-AT keyboard interface is complex and its timing presents a challenge to a small embedded application developer. Rather than bog down a design and dedicate limited resources to a keyboard driver, an ATKBD3 chip can be used to interface the keyboard to a standard 9600 or 1200 baud serial interface. The ATKBD3 is a single 8 pin PIC microprocessor and requires minimal components for operation.

The new version has all the same features as before with several improvements. All keys on the WinXP style keyboards are now mapped. Better handling of the ALT key is provided as well as the break key. In addition, a bug with CTL-ALT-DEL handling is now fixed. The new version is hosted in a PIC12F1510 which boasts lower power and better RS232 timing accuracy. In addition it does not require a pull up resistor on pin 4 like the ATKBD2 did.

ATKBD3 Features
ATKBD3 - PS2 Keyboard to Serial Converter IC
$9.75 USD

Standard 8 pin PDIP

As featured in the book "Stamp 2: Communications and Control" by Tom Petruzzelis

ATKBD3 Documentation
ATKBD3 Datasheet

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